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Carpet Cleaners St. CharlesPrecise Carpet Cleaning provides service in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas. Our carpet cleaners are fully certified with the IICRC and will provide a much higher level of service. We come across a lot of carpet in all types of condition but some carpet can be much dirtier than it looks.

While carpet cleaning  we see a wide variety of carpet. This carpet didn’t look that dirty until we started the cleaning process. This carpet looked dark brown until we started the rinsing process than to our surprise we noticed the carpet was many shades lighted than expected.

This is does happen since carpet soils slowly over time and sometimes is hard to see how much soil is accumulating. Precise Carpet Cleaners St. Charles Mo. can help if you need any cleaning done. If you have been cleaning your carpet yourself, you may benefit from a deep cleaning and rinse from time to time. We have the ability to rinse the cleaning residue out of the carpet more effectively than most people are able to with home carpet cleaning machines.

This carpet cleaning  customer was just as surprise as our tech’s were.

Not every carpet will respond this well, but in this case it did clean up very well and our carpet cleaning customer is very happy as are we.

Ways to keep carpet clean longer.

Your carpet can be protected after cleaning. This is an important step to keeping your carpet clean longer. The benefit of having a protective coating applied, is that when your carpet is cleaned it should clean up very well as seen in this photo. Carpet protector is applied after the carpet is cleaned while it is still wet so it will more evenly coat the carpet fibers.

One thing you can do to help keep your carpet clean is vacuum. This needs to be done a couple times a week or more. Customers should vacuum at a rate of one foot per second. Make two passes over each area.

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IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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