Pet Odor Removal from Carpet

pet stains in rugWe wanted to give our carpet cleaning customers an idea of how a carpet handles pet odor and stain removal problems. Many of our customers are unaware that when an animal has an accident on their carpet that the urine will go right through the carpet. It will go under the carpet and in some cases through the pad also. This is why pet odor removal is so difficult to remove completely. The picture we posted is an average area rug and has had multiple pet urine spots. These spots had been in the rug for a long time.  We picked this rug up to clean at our shop in St. Charles Mo.

Pet odor removal can be difficult

The picture on the left is the rug when we first got it. The picture in the middle is of the backing of the rug. And the one on the right is after we cleaned the rug. In cases like this complete odor and stain removal may not be possible. But in this case the odor was removed. The picture of the backing is a good indication of the spots going right through the rug.

If this was a wall to wall carpet the urine would have soaked into the pad and been extremely hard to remove. We understand how we all love our pets. This is to show how important it is to try to keep the pet accidents to a minimum if possible. And to show how with bad pet odor issues it may not be possible to remove all the odor.

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