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IICRC Certified FirmAs certified carpet cleaners in St. Charles MO. we offer a full range of carpet cleaning related services to our customers. Precise Carpet Cleaning has bean serving the St. Louis area sine 1995.

We are fully certified and serve the whole metro area. You could say we are near most people in St. Louis.  If you need a certified carpet cleaner near you. You could try searching certified carpet cleaners near me.

This will pull up any certified carpet cleaners near your location.

Carpet cleaning quality.

When it comes to carpet cleaning quality counts. The best way to see if a company is trained in their field
is to see their certifications. If they are not certified it could mean they don’t care enough to get proper training. Proper training can be expensive so a new company may not have the resources yet. This is another reason to let the new companies experiment on another persons carpet. With a certification at least you know they have the knowledge to perform the work correctly.

Carpet cleaner experience.

In order to successfully clean a carpet. A carpet cleaner must have experience. Training will help quite a bit but on the job experience is best. This can be done in a variety of different ways. But the more experience a carpet cleaner has the happier you will be. This must be good experience to be beneficial for the customer. Some carpet cleaner tech’s have a lot of bad experience. Another reason certification is best. The only certification body for the industry is the IICRC. We have been certified with them since the late 90’s. Before that there was no real standard for carpet cleaning certification. At least none that had been around for any length of time.

The Carpet and Rug Institute is a good organization too. But they are not offering any training for carpet cleaners. They only certify products and equipment for the industry.

You can contact us for any more information on certifications and carpet cleaning.


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