Summer time is a great time to clean your carpet.

Carpet CleaningHaving your carpet cleaned in the summer can be a great thing.  One reason for this is most of the pollen has already fallen from the spring. Cleaning pollen and other allergies out of the carpet will help with indoor allergies.  Another reason is that in the summer most St. Louis Mo. area customers are running their air conditioners. This reduces indoor humidity which will help to dry your carpets even quicker than usual.  Clean your carpet in the summer and it will dry quicker. 

Carpet Dry Time

Most of the time the carpet will dry in 2 to 5 hours. But on a hot day with the air conditioner running it can speed that to 1 to 3 hour dry time. We always strive to dry the carpets as quickly as possible but in the hot days of summer and the cold days of winter the conditions are perfect to dry them even quicker.

In our area customers tend to stay indoors when it gets really hot out and having freshly cleaned carpets help improve the indoor air quality.

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