The importance of having you ceramic tile professionally cleaned.

cleaning ceramic tileMost of our customers have some tile in there home. Tile and grout does get dirty slowly over time. So sometimes its not obvious how dirty it really is. It is a good idea to have your ceramic tile professional cleaned from time to time. Sometimes you can tell how soiled the tile is by looking at the traffic areas. And compare that to a pantry or other area that doesn’t get walked on too often.

Sometimes it is very obvious how dirty the tile and grout are. But a home owner is often unaware that it can be professionally cleaned. We can help, we professionally clean tile and grout. And when we are done with the cleaning we do include sealing the grout.

Why Grout gets Dirty

We are often told that the grout wasn’t sealed when the tile was installed. And that allows soil to get directly into the grout. Which makes it much harder for the average homeowner to maintain. After the tile and grout are properly cleaned and the grout is sealed the floor will be much easier to maintain in the future.

Best way to clean your tile yourself.

Bona makes a great tile cleaner that is safe and works very well for normal everyday cleaning. There are some products out that aren’t safe or effective on tile. So be careful what products you buy over the counter. Bona can be purchased at any of the big box stores.

They also make a great cleaner for wood floors too. Bona isn’t going to clean the dirties of areas but for weekly cleaning by a homeowner it will help keep the floor from getting too dirty until it can be professionally cleaned.

When Tile needs to be Professionally Cleaned

Most tile floors will need to be professionally cleaned every year and some may be ok for a few years while others may need it more often. We want the customer to watch us clean so you can see how dirty it really is and we will make recommendations on how often your tile will need to be cleaned in the future. Properly maintained tile and grout will stay in great condition for many years. But if its not maintained it can give you many headaches. I often told by customers of stories involving hand scrubbing the tile and grout and that is simply not needed. We can take care of all you tile cleaning needs much easier and more effective.

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