Upholstery Cleaning St. Charles Mo.

We want to be sure our customers know we offer upholstery cleaning in St. Louis. We clean kitchen chairs, dining chairs, sofas, loveseats, living room chairs, and all other types of upholstery. Cleaning upholstery will help extend the life of the fabric and make it much more pleasant to use. Kitchen and dining chairs always end up with spots and spills that can stain the fabric if not properly cleaned in a reasonable time frame.

Upholstery Protector

We can also protect the fabric after cleaning which will extend the time it will stay clean and make cleaning spots and spills much easier. It will also surprise most customers to know how reasonable the price is for cleaning. We also offer leather cleaning which includes reconditioning the leather.Here is a before and after picture of upholstery cleaning in St. Louis.

Clean Upholstery for Health

Another reason to clean upholstery is for health reasons. Your upholstery will collect a large amount of dust and allergies. Professional upholstery cleaning will help to remove these. This will not be the case with leather. But microfiber and other cloth fabrics will hold a lot of allergies. As long we we can use water to clean the fabric we will remove most allergies during cleaning. Dry clean fabric will be much harder to help with since we can’t use hot water. Leather can use a good wiping down with a slightly damp microfiber towel. Than when it needs cleaning we can help clean condition the leather.

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