Red Wine Stain Removal from Carpet

Red wine spot removal This is a carpet we just cleaned.  It took some work and quite a few spot removers to get it this clean. But we are proud to say it came clean!  I would like to thank our Crew Manager for the job he did on this and wanted to post a picture to show off his work.  We strive to provide this kind of service to all of our St. Louis area carpet cleaning customers.

Carpet Protector will help prevent stains

A good portion of the time we can provide results similar to this.  Using a high quality carpet protector will help with the removal of spots like this. We have different methods and products to help us remove most spots and stains. It is always best if the spot comes up with our regular cleaning process, but when it will not come up with our regular process we bring in a wide variety of products and tools to help.

Be sure to rinse cleaning products from the carpet

Our rinsing process is used after stain removal in most cases to help flush out any product used and any residue of the original spot. The quicker we get to a spot the better our chances are to remove it. So if you have a similar spill to this happen, contact us right away.

IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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