Commercial Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

Commercial Carpet Cleaning St. LouisCarpet in a commercial setting can get heavily soiled over time.  Even areas far from the entrance will have large amounts of soil and discoloration. Precise Carpet Cleaning does offer commercial carpet cleaning in the St. Louis area.  Most commercial carpet has bright colors that will dull over time without proper cleaning.  If cleaned on a regular basis the carpet and color will last longer and have a much better appearance.

Carpet Cleaning can save you money

We find that to keep cost down a lot of businesses use a in house cleaning process, in some cases it works well in between professional carpet cleanings, but in some cases it only makes the carpet look worse. The dirtier a carpet gets the more damage there will be after cleaning. A very good way to may your carpet last longer is to have it professionally cleaned before it really needs to be. Commercial carpet it normally good at hiding soil so cleaning before it is too noticeable is recommended.

This carpet didn’t look that soiled till we started cleaning only to find that the colors were much brighter than expected.  Professional carpet cleaning not only helps the carpet last longer but it looks much cleaner too.  Cleaning carpet in a business can also help with the indoor air quality which benefits all of us.

Cleaning your business carpet helps your indoor air quality

Another reason you should have a professional perform your commercial carpet cleaning is for air quality reasons. Your business carpet acts as a filter between cleanings. Carpet will help filter the air and holds on to most of the dust an allergens until properly cleaned out. Vacuuming with a good hepa filtered vacuum will help but not as much a a thorough steam cleaning will. When we clean your carpet we are cleaning in a way to remove as much allergens as possible.

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