Reasons to have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Carpets soil slowly over time and it can be hard to see just how dirty they are really getting. When we clean for our customers we want to show a clean dirty line to them as we clean. Sometimes it isn’t very noticeable. But sometimes we are all shocked by the actual amount of soil in the carpet.

When we clean your carpet we are using the proper equipment and products. There is a lot of science that goes into carpet cleaning. So having a professional do it for it is a safe option.

Carpet Protector helps keep your carpet clean

Carpet that has had a carpet protector applied will almost always clean up better. Than a carpet that hasn’t had protector applied.  This is a picture of a carpet we cleaned that didn’t look that dirty. Until we started to clean it.  We have already applied our pre-treat which has started to loosen the soil. Now we are in the rinsing phase of the cleaning.

Rinsing your carpet

Professional carpet cleaning in progress.

The tool you see is rinsing the carpet will very high temperature water along with a  rinsing agent, at the same time we are extracting all the dirty water through our tool to a waste tank in our van.

This process helps to control humidity in the home while we are cleaning and is most effective at removing the allergens from the carpet. The high temperature solution will clean better and allow the carpet to dry quicker.  We always want our customers to watch us do the cleaning so we can point out how soiled the different areas are and to be able to make recommendations as to the use of carpet protector and frequency of cleaning in the future.

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IICRC and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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