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Our main business is Carpet Cleaning, but we also clean upholstery, tile, and air ducts.  Often times we are cleaning something other than carpet for a customer. When they mention they don’t think that there carpet is that dirty.  Precise Carpet Cleaners St. Louis wanted to show our customers that sometimes a carpet will soil evenly over time. And it may not be easily noticeable how soiled it really is.

How to see how dirty your carpet is.

One way to see how soiled the carpet  is, would be to move your sofa or some other piece of furniture to see what the carpet is supposed to look like.  Most homes with have some wear and color loss in the visible carpet that isn’t noticeable until it is being cleaned or when the furniture is moved around.  Vacuuming often will help keep your carpet clean longer. Our customers can have a carpet protector applies after cleaning to extend the clean look of their carpet.

This carpet didn’t look too dirty at first. Until we started to clean and noticed the color was much lighter than expected.  This is common and we are always pleasantly surprised to see such a difference for our customers.

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Empty house carpet cleaning in St. Louis
Empty house carpet cleaning in St. Louis
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