The Benefits of Cleaning Your Carpets Annually.

I am always asked “how often should I clean my carpets?”  The answer depends on many different circumstances. For most people every 6 to 12 months will be enough.  If you have children and pets you would need to clean more often than if you don’t.  The type and quality of carpet makes a big difference too.  It is recommended to have a carpet protector applied to most carpets after cleaning. This will help the carpet stay clean longer and to keep it in better shape for a longer time.

Carpets look better if you clean more

This is a picture of a carpet that has been cleaned and protected by our company for over 14 years.  We have steam cleaned it every 6 to 8 months and applied carpet protector to it every time.  The overall look of the carpet is close to new.

Some areas will get more soiled than others which is why it is important to have your carpet cleaned before the soiling gets too bad in the high traffic areas.  We do run into carpets that have went many years without being professionally cleaned and some of the traffic areas will show wear patterns that effect the appearance of the carpet.

Wear in carpet

14 year old carpet in great condition due to regular cleaning and protecting.

Every carpet we clean will come clean but some will have shadows in the traffic areas from wear if the soil stays in the carpet too long.  To sum it up, be sure to have your carpets cleaned as soon as you see soil build up in the walk ways.  If you wait too long the carpet could end up with wear patterns that can’t be resolved by cleaning.

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