Cleaning Ceramic Tile and Grout in St. Louis

Cleaning ceramic tile and grout is one of the services we offer. Over the years tile and grout can get extremely dirty.  We even see a lot of grout that has never been sealed properly.  This can present a big problem when trying to maintain the floor.  Precise can help with this though.  We do clean tile and grout. When we are done with the cleaning we also include sealing the grout. This will help keep it clean in the future.  We are always amazed at the amount of soil that we remove while cleaning tile so we decided to post a picture to show how we clean and the difference it can make.

Cleaning Grout can be difficult

Normally grout absorbs the majority of the soil but sometimes even the tile gets discolored.  When this happens it is normally too late for the home owner to be able to effectively clean either the tile or grout, that’s where we come in.  We thoroughly clean it with high pressure water to flush all the soil and discoloration out.  Then when we are done with the cleaning we seal the grout to ensure that it is easier to maintain for the home owner in the future.

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Ceramic Tile Cleaning in St. Louis
Ceramic Tile Cleaning in St. Louis

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