Carpet protector and how well it works.


This was a carpet sample that we freshly cleaned and protected with our carpet protector. At Precise Carpet Cleaning we recommend to apply a carpet protector after cleaning your carpet. This will help keep your carpet clean much longer. And may prevent a stain. I’m always asked by our St. Louis area customers how well carpet protector works.  So we did a demonstration to show.  This is a polyester carpet with carpet protector applied to show how well the it can cause spills to bead up on top instead of absorbing in to the carpet.

Carpet Protector works really well

This was after the spill had sat on the carpet for 24 hours.   We do recommend carpet protector to be applied after cleaning carpet and upholstery.  Not only does it help keep the spot from getting into the actual carpet. But it does the same with soil too.  By protecting the carpet or upholstery when cleaning it should stay clean much longer.And when you do clean it again it will clean up much better.  Carpet that has been properly cleaned and protected can stay in good condition sometimes twice as long or more than carpet that hasn’t been properly maintained.  I hope this allows you to see that carpet protector really works.

Carpet warranties and protector.

If you have a warranty on your carpet it is a good idea to know if you must re apply protector after cleaning. Most carpet warranties will require professional cleaning on a regular basis. Some of those will require you to re apply a topical protector after cleaning. So it is a good idea to clean and protect your carpet on a regular basis.

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