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Area Rug Cleaning - Area Rug Washing

Area Rug Cleaning

AREA RUG CLEANING Precise Carpet Cleaning provides area rug cleaning and fine area rug washing at our facility in St. [...]
Carpet Cleaning St. Charles

Carpet Cleaning

CARPET CLEANING Are your carpets looking drab and not as fresh and bright as they could be? Chances are they [...]
Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

UPHOLSTERY CLEANING While our floors get a lot of foot traffic and we can easily see when they need to [...]
hvac air vent cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

AIR DUCT CLEANING If you’ve been noticing more dust in your home or dust buildup around the air intake, it [...]
water damage

Water Damage Restoration

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION Water can cause big problems if it isn’t removed from the home right away. Anytime water comes [...]